16 Hour Coronal Scaling Bridge Course

16-hour course, combination of didactic and clinical training

Course Description

The practice act for coronal scaling completely changed on Jan 1. The under-13 (12 and younger) is gone now as the law has changed to require a 32-hour course (or a 16 hour bridge course if you already completed the original requirement of 16 hours), the age is increased to under 18 (17 and younger) and it applies to Medicaid or up to 300% of the poverty level.

Your original 16 hour certificate will expire January 2026, at that time you will need to take all 32 hours.

The entire certificate sunsets (no longer valid) on Jan 3, 2026, and whoever wants to practice coronal scaling must start over at that point and take an entire 32 hour course if you did not complete a bridge course.

***** Note***** If you have never taken a coronal scaling course, you will need to take the entire 32 hour course.



Have Previously Completed A Coronal Scaling Course (Either 16 or 32 Hour) And Received a Certificate Of Completion

A dental assistant must have successfully completed an approved coronal polishing course prior to taking the coronal scaling course.

Course Fees: $800.00
Payment Plans and discounts may be available. Please inquire.