Coronal Scaling Course

32-hour course, combination of didactic and clinical training

Course Description

This coronal scaling course in Chicago is taught over the spam of four days ( 32 hours) at DAOC, and covers the following topics: Fulcrum, Modified grasp, Uses of common scalers, Supra calculus detection, Terminology, Contraindications, Medical emergencies, Public health, Pediatric patients.

Additional topics and scenarios may include: Coronal scaling above the gum line, supragingivally, on the clinical crown of the tooth only on patients 17 years of age or younger who have an absence of periodontal disease and who are not medically compromised or individuals with special needs.

The cost is $2500 and includes lunch each day



Be at least 18 years of age , provide proof of taking a valid coronal polishing course, hold current CPR card
(2a) Complete 2,000 hours of clinical dental assisting experience
(2b) Complete a CODA-accredited dental assisting program
(2c) Hold a current national DANB Certified Dental Assistant (CDA) Certification

A dental assistant must have successfully completed an approved coronal polishing course prior to taking the coronal scaling course.

Course Fees: $2500.00
Payment Plans and discounts may be available. Please inquire.